We are currently seeing patients on a first-come, first-serve basis for urgent care service. All patients will still be screened upon arrival for COVID-19 symptoms. 

Our center offers rapid Covid-19 testing for patients experiencing Covid-19 symptoms. These tests are covered by most insurances. We also offer a Rapid Covid-19 PCR test for patients who need a PCR test for travel or return to work/school.

*Immigration physicals are still appointment only*

Can I Prevent Swimmer’s Ear?

It’s critical to keep your ears clean and prevent moisture from building up in your ear canal. Moisture can allow germs to grow and cause an infection. Swimmer’s ear is one such infection that will affect 1 out of 10 people at least once in their lives. Although it’s associated with swimming, you can develop …

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Common Sports Injuries for Children

Playing any sports puts your child at risk of getting injured. Every year, thousands of kids experience one sports injury or another. According to Stanford Children’s Health, more than 3.5 million sports injuries occur in children annually, with sprains and strains being the most frequent injuries that occur. Sports injuries can result from trauma caused by …

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Men’s Health Month: What are the Top Threats?

Throughout June, we are focusing on men’s health and working toward educating our community on ways to prevent illness and injury. In the United States, the top threats to men’s health include heart disease, cancer, lower respiratory disease, unintentional injuries, and stroke. There are certain measures men (and women, really) can take every day to …

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How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion This Summer

Heatstroke, or heat exhaustion, happens when someone is exposed to high temperatures for too long. When the body’s internal temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit, they may begin to experience symptoms. Heatstroke is a severe illness and requires medical attention when it happens. Thankfully, it can be easily prevented and predicted. AFC Urgent Care Malden wants …

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Long-term Effects of Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is a bad habit for people all around the world. It’s no secret that smoking is bad for you, but many cigarette smokers don’t realize just how bad it can be in the long term. The more than 600 chemicals in cigarettes turn into over 7,000 chemicals when they’re burned! Those chemicals are …

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Stress Effects on the Brain

Stress is a normal part of life, and there is no way to truly eliminate it completely. Stress can come in different forms and provide its own set of symptoms for each person. Too much stress, however, can harm our lives. AFC Urgent Care Malden is dedicated to improving the overall health of all of our …

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What is World Health Day?

Many people may consider themselves healthy if they are without any disease. However, to say that a person is healthy requires the analysis of a set of factors, such as quality of life involving both the mental and physical aspects. Health is not an easy state to achieve since not all people can live without sorrows …

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Signs of an Unhealthy Kidney

Healthy kidneys are imperative for a healthy lifestyle. They are in charge of filtering out impurities in our blood and removing excess waste. They also help to control blood pressure and the production of red blood cells. When the kidneys become damaged, they are unable to perform their job. They can become damaged due to …

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Treatment of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a far more common illness than most people know. It’s estimated that a little under 500,000 Americans are diagnosed with and treated for Lyme disease annually. It’s a growing problem that requires more effective measures that can foster prevention. The bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia mayonii are transmitted through the bite of the black-legged …

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