We are currently seeing patients on a first-come, first-serve basis for urgent care service. All patients will still be screened upon arrival for COVID-19 symptoms. 

Our center offers rapid Covid-19 testing for patients experiencing Covid-19 symptoms. These tests are covered by most insurances. We also offer a Rapid Covid-19 PCR test for patients who need a PCR test for travel or return to work/school.

*Immigration physicals are still appointment only*

Jeff Pucko

What Should You Know About Measles?

Measles is now one of the most significant health care risks for young children in the U.S as cases continue to climb. The Centers for Disease Control now estimate that nearly 704 cases of measles have been confirmed in the U.S, which is the highest amount since the disease was virtually eradicated in 2000. The …

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How to Prevent and Treat Your Child’s Sports Injuries

Did you know that sports injuries are some of the most common reasons for medical visits among children in middle school and high school? The Centers for Disease Control estimate that nearly 3.2 million children each year are hospitalized from sports injuries annually. In addition, over 750,000 children between the ages of 12-17 are treated …

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Sports Injury Prevention Guide

This spring, millions of students will participate in school sports across the country. Sports are a great way to get your child active and help maintain their overall health, but the risk of a potential injury still persist. The CDC estimates that injuries from school sports are the leading cause of emergency room visits among …

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A Guide to Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss is a goal that many people set for themselves but healthily losing weight is essential when working towards that goal. Healthy weight loss refers to a slow but steady decline of 1-2 pounds per week. Crazy crash diet and exercise plans may offer results quicker than that, but the results will be short …

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CDC Health Updates

The CDC has a public outreach program called HAN. HAN is designed to keep medical professionals and the general public aware of significant health risks, updates, and alerts. This alert system has multiple levels of severity. Some require immediate action, while others are used merely to inform the public. The most recent CDC health updates …

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Does My Child Have an Ear Infection?

Has your child spent a lot of time touching the area near their ear recently? They may be suffering from an ear infection. Most common in children under six, ear infections can cause children to become short-tempered and experience some pain in the region of the ear. Since they may not be able to explain …

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New Year New Health

The new year is the perfect time to create resolutions to improve your health, but the sad reality is that most people abandon their resolutions by the end of February. We want to help you improve your health in 2019, so we created a manageable list of health tips and resolutions you can take on …

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How to Stay Germ-Free This Flu Season

When we think of flu season, we usually think of pesky germs that will get us sick.  But what exactly are germs?  Germs are microscopic organism (also known as microbes) that can cause disease and infections that can make you sick.  Of course, you can’t remain completely germ-free, since germs are integral to our daily …

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