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Is Chocolate Good for your Heart?

  • Chocolate may have gained a bad reputation for increasing weight and giving people high blood sugar levels, however, the fact is that it has many healthy attributes, too. It is an excellent source of antioxidants and can lower a patient’s risk of heart disease. For more information on heart health, call AFC Urgent Care Malden. While we primarily help treat patient’s acute ailments, we are also able to provide information about general health

    How is chocolate healthy?

    Cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, is biologically active and can have antioxidant benefits for people. It comes from the seeds of the cacao tree and thus, contains a lot of nutrients. The higher the cocoa content in your chocolates, such as dark chocolates, the better it is for your health. If you refrain from the overly sugary variety, such as milk or white chocolate, you can enhance your health by consuming a healthy portion of chocolate in your diet.

    What are the health benefits?

    Let’s look at the health benefits of chocolate below:

    1. Dark chocolate is essentially very nutritious. It contains minerals and healthy amounts of soluble fiber. By consuming a moderate portion of dark chocolates, you get a nutritional fatty acid profile in your body.
    2. Chocolates also contain antioxidants. They help to disarm the free radicals that could decrease your health. Again, dark chocolate is a healthy item because it contains organic compounds, such as polyphenols, catechins, flavanols, etc.
    3. Chocolate with high cocoa content can stimulate the lining of your arteries and produce nitric oxide. These help your arteries relax and control the blood flow, hence keeping your blood pressure in control.
    4. Dark chocolate is again a protector against heart problems. It reduces high cholesterol levels and reduces your insulin resistance.
    5. According to Scientists from Harvard Medical School, consuming two cups of hot chocolate in a day will keep your brain healthy and more active. It can also help older people with memory decline. Hot chocolate also improves the blood flow to the parts of your brain that need it the most.
    6. Canadian scientists conducted research in which they discovered that people who consume a healthy portion of chocolates are less vulnerable to strokes. They are twenty-two percent lesser at risk of heart diseases and strokes.
    7. By consuming 30g of chocolate in a day, pregnant women can benefit in development and fetal growth.
    8. Medical findings also prove that eating a portion of dark chocolate can boost athletes’ oxygen availability and enhance their fitness. According to scientists, epicatechins in the body improve the nitric oxide release, which ultimately increases the energy level.

    Other Healthy Options

    Other healthy substitutes to chocolates include:

    • cacao nibs
    • cocoa powder
    • dark chocolate
    • carob