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What are the Health Benefits of a Dry January?

A month of alcohol abstinence may seem like a very insignificant amount of time to show noticeable results, but the results will shock you. A month of alcohol fasting can work unimaginable benefits for your health, most of which you never even deemed would be possible in life. Doctors with AFC Urgent Care Malden can provide you with all of the health benefits of participating in dry January, and all of the conditions we can diagnose and treat

Let’s look at those below:

Health Benefits of Not Drinking

These include:

  1. Improved sleeping patterns
  2. Better appetite
  3. More creativity
  4. Better decision-making frame of mind
  5. Improved problem solving and learning
  6. Enhanced physical performance
  7. Relieve from headaches and hangovers
  8. Accelerated energy
  9. You will save your body from harmful calories. Wines, for example, contain approximately 960 calories. In 6 pints, you can easily consume around 1080 calories in a lager. 
  10. Drinking excessively also drives your blood pressure up over time. As you begin to detoxify your body for three or four weeks, you will see your blood pressure reducing and returning to normal. 
  11. Your skin will look better and gain more moisture. There will be a turnover of cells. 
  12. Your liver function recovers. When you abstain from alcohol for a month, your liver begins to get rid of the excess fat. If you have not damaged your liver too severely at this point, you can expect it to recover well within four to eight weeks. 

Mental Health Benefits of Not Drinking

Let’s look at the mental health benefits of alcohol abstinence:

  1. Your senses do not stay fuddled anymore. You are more alert and present mentally. 
  2. Your mind gets a boost, and your overall mood improves. You are more social and considerate and hence, may devote more time and attention to your relationships. It enhances the quality of life.
  3. It eases your depression and restores your self-esteem. You gain more confidence and adopt a better outlook of yourself. 
  4. Alcohol dependence makes it harder to focus and remember things. An alert mind is more creative and productive, and you can do better things in the absence of alcohol. Your motor skills will improve, and so will your mental abilities.
  5. Decision making will improve as a result. 

Tips for Avoiding Alcohol

It can be especially challenging to quit alcohol if it is an addiction, but like the saying, “where there’s a will, there’s away.” Hence, nothing is impossible once you put your mind to it, not even alcohol abstinence. 

You can:

  1. Involve your loved ones to help you overcome the addiction. Enlist their help in bringing the change. 
  2. Join a community. You will build relationships there with people who are also avoiding alcohol. Working in a team will strengthen your resolve. 
  3. Make changes to your environment. Incorporate more time with the outdoors, adopt a pet like fish or something easy to distract you from your cravings. 
  4. Switch to a favorite new drink; a detox variety would be ideal. 
  5. Focus on self-care and self-grooming. Works wonders.
  6. Exercise daily.
  7. Develop a hobby, particularly at times you would drink. 

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For more benefits and tips for dry January, call or visit AFC Urgent Care Malden today. In addition to treating general illnesses, we can provide you with information to live a healthier life today.