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Is Your Child’s Halloween Costume Safe?

children trick-or-treatingHalloween night is a time of excitement and every type of costume you can imagine, but did you know those costumes could be dangerous? Well, not the costumes themselves, but certain details about the costumes. Making your child safer on Halloween night with a safe costume is quick and easy to do. These are a few of the things you should keep in mind before taking your child door to door.

Keep it Short

Costumes that are too long for your child will drag on the ground as they walk. This dragging material creates a high risk for falls, especially as it starts to get dark outside. Stick to costumes that don’t touch the ground when your child has their shoes on.

Stay Visible

If your child is wearing a dark costume, they may not be visible to drivers on the road. Adding a piece of reflective tape to your child’s costume will make them visible to drivers, and easier for you to find.

Skip the Masks

Masks might look cool, but they aren’t safe for your child. Masks will obstruct the vision of your child as they walk, making them more susceptible to falls. Some masks may even make it hard for your child to breathe as they walk around all evening. Switch out a mask for costume makeup to give your kid a very cool costume without jeopardizing their safety.

Use Props, Not Weapons

Many costumes come equipped with swords, hooks, or other potentially dangerous accessories. To protect your child and other children around them, be sure their accessories are soft and flexible props, not hard plastic or an actual weapon. The prop accessories will still complete the costume just fine without putting anyone in potential danger. If you see your child playing with a kid who has a real weapon, step in and politely make sure they keep a distance from your child.

Flame Resistant

When you’re shopping for your child’s costume, make sure all parts of it are flame resistant. That means wigs, the costume itself, props, and any other pieces they’ll have on them. Halloween night is filled with spooky décor that often includes real flames and while your child shouldn’t be that close to them anyways, flame resistant costumes protects them in case they are. Talk with your child about fire safety before heading out for trick or treat so they understand how serious it is and why it’s so important.