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Our center is only offering COVID-19 PCR testing. We do not have rapid testing available at this time. Results will be available within 3-5 days of testing. 

Month: July 2014

What Causes Summer Allergies?

Spring allergies were tough to get through, and the fight isn’t over yet! Summer brings with it, not only beautiful weather, but more pollen. Flowers and trees have already bloomed, however, grasses and weeds are growing strong causing the pollen count to rise, resulting in our discomfort! If you are feeling any type of discomfort …

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Sunburn Prevention Tips

Sun damage can take years to build up, so it’s up to you to protect your skin now from the sun and prevent any further harm. It is important to be aware, especially during the next couple of months, of how strong the sun is and how only a few minutes outside can cause sunburn. …

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