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Spring Sports Injuries

It is officially spring sport season! We wanted to offer some advice to avoid spring sport injuries.

1) Sport Physical: Many organizations and schools require this, but in the off chance they do not, it is still a smart idea to receive a physical to ensure the child is able to participate.

2) Warm up: If you have not been physically active prior to starting a sport, it is a good idea to warm up a few weeks before to prevent injuries. It is also a good idea to warm up muscles immediately before practice or a game.

3) Stay Hydrated: This can help prevent injuries. A dehydrated body is more prone to injury. Be sure to drink water before, during, and after a game or practice.

4) Maintain a healthy diet: Diet is key. Eat healthy and always eat a breakfast. Avoid eating a few hours before strenuous physical activity.

If an injury should occur, AFC Urgent Care in Malden MA is there to help. We are a urgent care clinic with a walk-in environment. We never require an appointment and you will always be seen by a board-certified physician. Visit us today at 219 Centre St in Malden MA or call 781-322-7300.